[Development Story] Evolution of the Thick Canvas, attracting attention worldwide Part 1


       We have been manufacturing thick canvas in the same way as before. However, nowadays we have been receiving many different perspectives and evaluations on our unique texture of vintage looms and the high density of fabrics.

     At the overseas fabric exhibition, people from all over the world asked us "are you still doing this weave !?"  and  “This type of fabric still exists?!” “Great density!”.


It is strange as being told as ‘changeless’, it makes us want to change a little.


      Speaking of canvas production a little, canvas is a material that has been developed as an industrial material such as a ship's sail and belt conveyors. It is very common for this material to be mass produced Mass without dying or any other extra processes, and after hearing requests of suppliers, depending on the situation extra processes is done.  In other words, everything is considered on a mass production basis, so time consuming process and low efficiency is a major taboo in factories. However, we want to throw away this idea once and rearrange the process to make a new expression in the fabrics. Working together with craftsmen, we take on a new challenge.





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