[Development Story] Evolution of the Thick Canvas, attracting attention worldwide Part 2

I wanted to make a pre-dyed thick canvas. I strongly thought this when I saw my favorite oxford shirt from an American brand from the 80s.

I always thought it would be nice to have a fabric with a familiar color with a solid texture, with a dry touch through usage over time.

Pre-dyeing is a dying process at the yarn stage, before the actual weaving begin. As the yarns are dyed first before the weaving, different colors of yarns can be used with the warp yarn and weft yarn. The usual case, canvas is dyed after the weaving process.


This is because there are disadvantages during the manufacturing process.

  • dyed yarn is hard to handle
  • dust pollutes inside the factory (we’d need people to clean the place)
  • many dyed is needed

Obviously, factory staff and craftsmen would be reluctant to this, as the consumption of storage of dyed yarn will be quick which can increase risk in not having stock. However, I decided to persuade everyone in order to pursue  the development of  this new canvas.

We do not mean to solve it by technology. We cover up by everyones effort.

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