[Development Story] Evolution of the Thick Canvas, attracting attention worldwide Part 3


    As mentioned before on the last blog about my oxford t-shirt, I would like to have as ones opinion about the Chambray, which has a similar plain weave as well. In fact, the term  chambray is not used universally, only people involved in textile know.

    Chambray is a material commonly used for American workwear, etc. The type of yarn used in the fabric is generally composed of colored yarns in the warp and white yarns in the weft. There are various reasons to why they use two different color yarns, but the main reason is that the final finish of a chambray makes stains less noticeable. In some cases, the white yarn is replaced by grey, which makes dirt unnoticeable even more, usually used as work pants in the States. It is interesting to see how much people in America care and are concerned about dirt on their clothes.

     Now that we are trying to make pre-dyed canvas, I changed the yarn and thought that it might have some benefit as well.

The photo below may not be clear to see, but it is a shot of a 1930s horizontal threading grey yarn inside out.  I wanted to hide the dirty part of this jeans from everyone.


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