Factory Where Light Hits

In the map back in the old days, there is a mark of a roof with notches and chimney drawn where the factory is located. The saw roof makes us feel nostalgic for a moment, was once a symbol of a modern factory.
Originally, this roof structure was invented in Britain during the time of industrial Revolution, and was adopted in Japan in the late Meiji era.
Its architecture is rather simple, which was one of the reasons of its popularity, that enlargement was easy when business expanded. The canvas factory of Takeyari rooted in Kurashiki was one of them,  repeatedly expanded their factory and business, and has become quite popular now.
In fact, roof notched buildings lets in daylight and makes the rooms very bright. Securing sufficient light not only improves productivity of the craftsmen but also enhances their mind when manufacturing goods. Good environment leads to the creation of great goods.
The photo shows the storage room for fabrics. There is enough daylight without the need of electricity. While the soft sunlight enters the room, it waits to be shipped.

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