【History of canvas】 Part 3 Why did the canvas develop in the Kurashiki / Kojima area?


The Kurashiki and Kojima districts of Okayama prefecture is flourished with textile industries. In the Kojima area, there are many salt damage due to its location being close to the sea, it is a land not suited for agriculture. However, at such situation, cotton prospered.

The result of its blessed temperate climate and abundant water resources, high quality cotton could be harvested. Processing this cotton into thick thread, and use this and weave strong fabric helped industrialize the area. Even today, the Kojima district thrives with cotton, being the center of production for cotton products such as school uniforms and jeans.

The founders of TAKEYARI, Goro and Ume, saw Matsuemon Kouraku’s invention, and began to incorporate his technology in Kurahsiki city, Okayama prefecture. It continues to pass down the technology, and now it had grown to be the major production area that supports about 70% of domestic production of canvas.

It is said that Kurashiki City's area named "Sobara (曽原)" where TAKEYARI's factory is located comes from "hohara (帆原)" which means dried the canvas in the wilderness in Japanese.


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