Lunch At Kojima's


When discussing business with our partners, we often go to “Daiki”, the hand kneaded udon noodle restaurant near the Hita crossing. Many other places are difficult to visit without a car, there aren’t much tourists around the place. It is a very popular with the local people, especially their meat udon is well-liked by everyone. It looks like it’s crowded again today with many customers.

The special menu here is the “meat udon". It includes a big fried tempura. As it is freshly fried, when it’s dipped in the soup you can hear some popping sound. The seasoned meat and crunchy tempura with thick udon, it has great chemistry.

Kojima is known for their denims and canvas fabrics, but it is also an area of udon lovers. Many people go to weekend trips to Kagawa to eat udon. It is refreshing to cross the Seto inland sea.

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