【Takeyari Makers】Kagawa: Project Leader



"We started off with 0, no customers, absolutely nothing”, said Kagawa. Kagawa joined the Takeyari company at 2010 and he is now a leader that guides the team.

You’re from Osaka, but what made you come to Okayama?

I wanted to work at a firm that had relationships with fibers but I really wanted to know more about fabrics and textiles so when I was a college student I went around visiting different factories. From the many I have visited, I encountered with Takeyari. I had the chairman do a factory tour for me and I was really interested. And then I heard that they were starting a new retail business and I really wanted to learn from 0. Although I was worried, with a sense of hope, I moved to Okayama.”

What do you do?

“Our basic business appliances are suppliers for apparel and general goods, interior makers and so on. Im also a part of sales of Takeyari brand. Suppliers would sometimes want to make original products and so we have meetings and create things together. Also, I create Takeyari’s short films for PR and commemorative products and so on. Because were a textile company we have a lot of orders of original fabrics. A wide range of work."

Currently we do not only work on fabrics but also with many other companies, spreading the possibility of Takayari canvas. The passion Kagawa has for canvas is stronger than anyone, as a true leader who continues to run and enrich people's lives with Takayari canvas.


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