【Takeyari makers】Kobayashi: Retail

Kobayashi is from Chiba prefecture. He came to Okayama and took charge in sales and marketing of Takeyari. We asked him: has there been changes towards the image of canvas and craftsmen you had before joining the company?


“To be honest, I didn't really know what a canvas was. After joining the team, I would look at written accounts in the office and materials related to the canvas the chairman himself has created, and also through sales, I understood how from apparel to manufacturing the whole process supports and values the Japanese manufacturing. Towards the craftsmen here, I had an image of them being quiet and initially difficult to talk to. But many of them turned out to be the same age as me, and the veterans were very friendly and I enjoy talking to them very much. It is always a great experience listening to their stories and their passion towards manufacturing, I learn a lot from them.”


Currently, little by little, we have young people visiting and gathering around the production are becoming the driving force pulling the younger generation for the future. At Takeyari we do not only weave and create canvas fabrics but also dye, share the sewing of canvases and experience the process of weaving thick fabrics that can only be done by Takeyari. Takeyari will continue to overcome further challenges in various ways for the next 100 years.




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