What is Takeyari Canvas

What kind of canvas does Takeyari manufacture?
Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture is a major production area for canvas, and the area occupies 70% of the entire domestic canvas production share. The textile and cotton spinning industries developed in the area due to the popularity of cultivating cotton here from the medieval up to the Edo period. Our factory is located in a section of Kurashiki City called “Sobara,” and it is said that this name comes from the word “Hohara,” which means field where canvas was dried. 

Canvas is a type of fabric made by twisting together threads of cotton and hemp, which is then woven in a plain weave. As canvas weaves are very tight, the fabric is durable and water-resistant while still retaining excellent breathability. Due to these qualities, the fabric has long been used for ship sails, horse riding gear, school bags, etc. Takeyari manufactures all grades of canvas from No. 1 to No. 11. 
Canvas is made from grade No. 10 cotton thread. Different thicknesses of canvas can be woven by changing the thickness of the threads through a process of twisting together multiple individual threads.

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