What To Do When Your White Canvas Gets Dirty



Canvas bag looks very stylish even if it looks worn out and used. Still,  cleaning is also important for long lasting use.

It is good to clean daily by brushing off dust on the surface, but as you can continue to use it every day, like the corners blackening, the dirt becomes more apparent.

In order to clean canvas bags, do not wash it. This is to avoid losing its structure and to protect that leather parts on the bag. Let me introduce you  to remove dirt using familiar things around you.

If its small dirt on the surface, an eraser will do its job.

Coffee and soy sauce stains are difficult but if its a little blackness, erasing with an eraser with clean it completely.

However, it will not go back to being brand new.  Dirt that doesn’t come off becomes another history of the bag, with maintenance time to time, it may be a good time to look back on the old days.


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