Canvas Care


How to Take Care Of Your Canvas

There are different types of canvases as well as different types of people. One of the great things about canvas fabrics is that there are variety of usage, as everyone can develop their own "style". The texture may be stiff at first, but through utilization it becomes soft and nicely breaks down. As it grows and changes over time, some canvas users are particular about taking care of their canvases. We would like to introduce you the basic steps to taking care of your canvas.



Before Use

 A newly purchased canvas. If you want to keep it clean as possible, apply waterproof spray onto the cloth before use as it can prevent deformation and stains from rain. (Be sure to spray a small amount onto an unnoticeable part of your bag to check if there are any abnormality beforehand.) However, if you want to enjoy the change in texture, it is better not to use the spray as it will create a coating on surface of the canvas.



Daily Care

After a long day using your bag, with a soft clothing brush or a dry cloth, brush off the surface of the canvas. Remove the dust and small dirt. The remains and marks of dirt can come off by erasing gently using a white eraser. Be careful not to press too hard when erasing, as it can cause color loss.  


Dirt that Stands Out

If the dirt on your canvas becomes apparent, get a cloth soaked with detergent diluted with water and tap hard onto the dirt. After getting the dirt off, wipe the surface with a wet cloth (water), and let it dry in a well-ventilated place. Washing may cause discoloration or distortion, therefore we recommend avoiding that as much as possible. If the dirt does not come off at all, fill your sink with water and detergent, and press wash your canvas bag.




Places That Easily Gets Dirty

Handles are parts on bags that tends to get dirty easily. To clean this part, solid soaps comes in handy. Wet the dirty part of the handle and rub the soap. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the bag. After that is all done, use a dry towel and wipe the excess, and let it dry.



Enjoy the Canvas

Canvas does not wear out but increases its charm over time. We hope you enjoy the gradual change in texture throughout usage.